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a circular future

A circular economy brings economic savings and environmental impact reduction. Our industry-first digital science-based environmental impact quantification tools provide a complete life cycle data overview with reduction recommendations.

Environmental engineering meets digitalization

We are a new hybrid type company that combines environmental engineering with digital development. Our tools are OR can either be custom-made based on in-house life cycle assessments or a general tool based on our advanced industry database.


One of the key advantages of reusing components in a circular flow is the environmental benefit. Studies have shown a decrease of up to 70% in greenhouse gas emissions using re-certified parts compared to newly produced units.

Value beyond
the product

A Circular Economy is much more than just re-use of materials and products. Quantification of environmental benefits and business model innovation is a large part of implementing sustainable initiatives. Our tools create value on component-level and support new business models, like servitization or exchange activities.

“The team at ReFlow has helped document, and thus demonstrate the reduction in emissions our process provides. The whole initiative has provided us with a new way of promoting our business today and for the future. A refreshing new outlook to our 75-year-old process”

Andy Statham, Sales Director, CIWS

Our Partners

At ReFlow we offer a digital platform for stakeholders to harvest the benefits of the circular economy. Moreover, we offer consultancy in implementing the circular economy and the Sustainable Development Goals into the business model.

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