Quantify, Compare, Reduce & Share the life-cycle emissions of your products & processes

Calculate the entire climate footprint of your products or processes and get science-based insights to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The purpose of the ReFlow platform is to provide tools for companies to make data-driven decisions regarding the environmental performance of a product or process. The ReFlow environmental performance platform allows companies to quantify, document, compare, improve, and track lifecycle emissions based on ISO 14040/44 and ILCD.

The platform makes it possible for companies to define a lifecycle and, afterwards, build their products or processes using mass flows and energy consumption. The proprietary algorithms calculate the lifecycle emissions using custom and standard data. The calculations can afterwards be shared, compared, and analyzed to optimize its environmental performance.



Quantify the life-cycle emissions of your products using our ISO-compliant assessment engine. Calculations made will include scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. You can either use your own material data, get custom data from our environmental engineers or use our standard data. 


You can compare your products to other products in a simple way by either selecting version of your own or compare to other products or scenarios. You will receive detailed information and documentation of the environmental performance of the different scenarions.


The goal towards zero emissions will require that products are optimized in new greener versions. We allow for easy testing of greener materials, electricity grid-mix, logistics, or circular activities like remanufacturing. 


We are the only platform that allows for the entire value chain to share life-cycle emissions calculations upstream and downstream. Allowing for full traceability of lifecycle emissions and easy calculations. 

Experience what our customers have to say

“The team at ReFlow has helped document, and thus demonstrate the reduction in emissions our process provides. The whole initiative has provided us with a new way of promoting our business today and for the future. A refreshing new outlook to our 75-year-old process”

Andy Statham, Sales Director, CIWS

Get a free calculation when you book a demo

To get fully integrated on the digital platform, we offer an onboarding workshop to ensure that you and your team independently and effectively can manage all the features and user scenarios of the platform.

We specialize and adapt the flow on the digital platform to fit the needs of the specific companies to optimize our customers’ experience with the platform.

Our Partners

Our lifecycle-based environmental quantification system makes it easy to calculate, document, and share environmental performance data of products. We remove the complexity around LCA-based calculations and make it possible for users with just basic product knowledge to make advanced calculations.

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