Engineering circular economy for
the manufacturing  & construction industry

We advocate and advise in circular economy as the number one approach to facilitate sustainable practices and strategies, while still ensuring growth and development.

It has been proven from other industries that the circular economy can be used to grow revenue streams, gain new market shares, and create jobs, while decreasing the use of scarce resource and greenhouse gas emissions. Circular economy refers to a process where the final waste stage is designed out of the product system, in order to keep materials in a closed loop hence used endlessly, designing products to last, to be remanufactured, and if needed; to be repurposed in a second life cycle.

The circular economy is the counterpart to the linear economy, where product lines are defined as ‘produced – In use – Disposed’. The circular economy combats overexploitation of the scarce natural resources, and are presenting new business models where both economic growths can be enabled while decreasing the exploitation and disposal of valuable resources.

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Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen
Founder & CEO

Patrick U. Nørregaard
Lead Environmental Engineer

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At ReFlow we offer a digital platform for stakeholders to harvest the benefits of the circular economy. Moreover, we offer consultancy in implementing the circular economy and the Sustainable Development Goals into the business model.

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