Incorporate circular economy
in your business

Vision of Incorporating
Circular Economy?

Our experienced consultants make it easy to incorporate elements of circular economy and define and implement new business models and logistics flows.

Ambition to Remove
Single-use Plastic?

Single-use plastic is one of the main roots of the plastic that ends up in the oceans. We offer guidance in identifying the "bad" from the good materials along with education of staff and implementation of new materials.

New to the SDGs?

We offer education in the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs). The format could be workshops, strategy sessions or presentations. In other words we make it easy to identify potential ways of incorporating SDGs in your existing business models.

Our Partners

At Reflow Maritime we offer a digital platform for maritime stakeholders to harvest the benefits of the circular economy. Moreover, we offer consultancy in implementing the circular economy and the Sustainable Development Goals into the business model.

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